Client Testimonials

Both presentations were a success. Everyone loves the design. Thought I would share this note from our head Application Engineer (the ones that have to help customers install, troubleshoot, support our modules), which is high praise.
Thanks again.

Thanks, really nice. In case you missed it ..the stunned silence from the audience was nearly as impressive as the presentation. The design thoughts behind the fitment and interlocking units and interface is impressive. Concurrent have(sic) done a great job in visualizing the options. AM Applications Engineering Manager
MK, Director of Product Management, Energy Storage Company, January 21, 2016

Thanks again. Your sheet metal drawings were excellent; thanks for copying my general tolerancing scheme. I think we're now in very good shape as far as this drawing package; thanks for your stellar performance making all these drawings!
PD, Principal Engineer, Medical Products Company, January 11, 2016

Thanks, Yes, we are very good. I built the control box and it came out great. The end result was exactly what I was looking for. A straight forward, high quality, UL ready control system. Shipped my first unit yesterday. I am really happy with the way the box ended up, looks good, pretty simple and should last a long time in the field. Just what I wanted. Appreciate the support.
NL, Principal, Industrial Equipment Company, June 12, 2015

On a personal note, I have been extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of the work done for us by Concurrent Design. Your knowledge and expertise in the medical devices field served us well in laying out our options and developing a preliminary project design. I would be pleased to recommend you and your staff.
HM, General Partner, Medical Products Company, January 12, 2015

Everything has been going well! (Concurrent Design) has been an excellent add and has exceeded expectations! Quality. The program has been going to plan and the entire team has been working together great! We are on track and scheduled for release this Friday. We would like to continue support from (Concurrent Design) as we go to tooling, and production launch over the next 90 days.
RW, Engineering Program Manager, Industrial Equipment Company, August 26, 2014

Concurrent Design has helped us through many stages of the design process of our underwater noise abatement system, and we are very pleased with their work. They are creative, well-organized, and very flexible. They even helped us with the manufacturing of our first acoustic resonators for offshore testing in the North Sea. We look forward to working with Concurrent on many future projects.
MW, CEO, Clean Tech Company, July 16, 2014

Congratulations on your 20 years (Anniversary). Great milestone to celebrate. Many Thanks for the excellent support you have provided Applied Materials over the years.
PN, Engineering Director, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, May 06, 2014

Overall I am very happy with your company and look forward to the next progress.
KB, Principal, Electronic Products Supplier, March 11, 2014

I’ve worked with Concurrent Design’s engineering group before and had an altogether very positive experience. The group is comprised of very experienced engineers. It would be good to consider them should your needs include rapid engineering design and development services.
AF, Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Contract Manufacturer, January 16, 2014

We appreciate your help. We do feel like that with you guys the cavalry has arrived to get us where we need to be for our next step. Thanks for also being mindful of our budget.
LW, Principal, Consumer Products Firm, October 11, 2013

I would like to thank all of you for your dedication and hard work to design, order, build, and test the (product) mainframe. In less than 6 months you turned a few PowerPoint slides into a complete system cycling wafers. In the process you exceeded all the major project deliverables and overcame some difficult integration challenges.
JS, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, August 20, 2013

Your presentation and 'show-and-tell' went down very well with the guys…Thank you for the presentation; I will use it to brief our field guys as to what is coming in the months to come. I am certain they will be very impressed.
AD, Business Development Manager, Test Equipment Supplier, UK, March 22, 2013

I've been meaning to say this for some time; We make most of the equipment needed to make SEMI microchips. Over the past fourteen years that I’ve worked with Concurrent, I have seen them successfully work on all of it. From implant to inspection, etch to final test, Concurrent Design has shown a consistent ability to deploy, configure, and manage teams of engineers, drafters, managers, and purchasing agents in an efficient manner to achieve the maximum impact for our product design budget. Concurrent Design has profoundly affected the outcome of the capital equipment product wars in our favor. We would not be able to compete as effectively, or react as quickly as we do with Concurrent on our side.
PF, Member Technical Staff, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, March 21, 2013

We have finally completed the FAT of the 200mm (subassembly). We were able to place the full unit inside a (Semiconductor Process Tool) last week and verify all the remaining fit checks. Everything looked as it should and matched the CAD models. Additionally, over the past few months we have verified the various functions of the 200mm (subassembly) and everything has performed satisfactorily on that front as well…. I want to thank you and everyone at CDI for their hard work and dedication to this project. This has been a very successful program; one that we can use as a template going forward. I look forward to working with you in the future.
CM, Project Engineer, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, April 16, 2012

I just finished looking over the latest & greatest (product) Assembly in the vault. Everything looks great, nice work to everyone there at CDI.
CM, Project Engineer, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, November 23, 2011

It was a pleasure to meet and work with Concurrent Design while I was in NYC, one of the most professional teams I have had the pleasure of working with. Hopefully you will be successful at getting more work there. (Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts)
TC, Vice President, General Contractor, March 28, 2011

Over the last year you’ve handled our ECO’s with exceptional competence and professionalism, and you’ve helped me understand a variety of technical issues relating to our parts and drawings. Frankly, knowing that you were there to handle any work I sent your way was a significant factor in my decision to search patiently and diligently for the right engineer. All of us at DVC appreciate your efforts.
MP, Director of Engineering, Electronic Products Supplier, February 24, 2011

Thanks to your excellent work. The business just begins to be good with orders for the (product) from important companies. We just finish to industrialize the (product) in December, it’s quite new. With pleasure for your proposal to work together (again). I come back to you for that. It was not easy to work together (language, understanding) but it was an excellent, interesting and exciting experience. I remark that you currently speak an excellent French…
PC, CEO, Electronic Products Supplier, France, February 10, 2011

The project we worked on together has come to a completion.  Our short engagement demonstrated to me the professional and thoughtful nature of your company.  I will pass your info on to a few others who also might have needs in line with your areas of expertise.
KB, Engineering Manager, Mayo Clinic, January 24, 2011

I just wanted to tell you how good of a job you all have done. It was extremely professional and well documented.
DGW, Plant Engineer, Food Products Company, October 1, 2010

Thank you for producing excellent drawings and for your diligent attention to details of my style and preferences. You're going to spoil me and we'll have to end up sending ALL detailing work to CDI!!
PD, Engineering Fellow, Opto-Electro-Mechanical Firm, September 6, 2010

I was incredibly impressed with the level of expertise, professionalism and ‘can do’ attitude that Concurrent Design brought to bear to our project. They worked through all challenges and potential roadblocks with a rigor that left my team with a strong sense of confidence that their proposed solution would perform above expectations – which it has.
Anonymous by request, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, July 1, 2010

By the way, your company reference checks were very positive. You have some very satisfied customers.  We look forward to becoming another one.
BH, Electronic Products Supplier, May 28, 2010

I have had the good fortune to use Concurrent Design for their industrial design services. They have met and exceeded my expectations, on time and within budget. They have all of the expertise, tools and most importantly, experience and skills needed to turn my product concept into reality. They are very easy to work with, and are one of the most honest and ethical companies I have encountered. I enthusiastically encourage you to trust your new ideas to the team at Concurrent Design.
FD, President, Consumer Products Firm, May 25, 2010

I reviewed the design last night and took a harder look today.  I really have to commend you both… this is a very elegant solution as far as I can see; much more so than I was expecting. It seems to me that this solution is now lower effort than the application of the UV film.  My comfort level in enacting this modification has now risen tenfold!
JM, President & CEO, Video Products Supplier (for Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts), May 21, 2010

Concurrent’s team was a pleasure to deal with and extremely knowledgeable in design, planning and project management (of Semiconductor Capital Equipment). The quality of the work and detail presented …were impressive. I hope to have a chance in the near future to work together on another project.
TB, V.P. New Product Development, Semiconductor Capital Equipment. May 20, 2010

Feedback so far: very positive!  Debbie is responsive and has a sharp eye. She caught a couple of things I did not see, and I have to find the time to resolve them.
MP, Director of Engineering, Electronic Products Supplier, May 20, 2010

Per our internal review the fixture is perfect; please close out the project.
JG, Manufacturing and Field Support Manager, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, May 17, 2010

Congratulations to your team, the organization is perfect, (the) project runs really smooth...
DH, President, Electronic Products Supplier, France July 01, 2009

I can give the team at Concurrent the highest of recommendations, and encourage you to retain them if their skills match your needs. I have worked with them off and on for about ten years now, and have found their work to be exemplary, timeliness reliable, and ethics impeccable.
JP, Senior Opto-Mechanical Engineer, Opto-Electro-Mechanical Firm, June 21, 2008

We are very excited about the upcoming release to production of the latest members, the “Road Hog Wings.”  Thanks again to Concurrent Design for helping us make this product line a reality.  From the conception of the original “Road Hog”, to the next generation “Road Hog Full Boar”, and into the “Road Hog Wings”, the professionalism and design excellence of your staff are to be highly commended.  It has been a pleasure working on all of these projects with Concurrent Design, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship into the future with more great ideas that you can help us bring into reality.
TC, Engineering Project Manager, Electronic Products Supplier, January 30, 2008

The new design was a big success at the BICSI show.  CPI salespeople and customers all remarked on how good CPI’s new Evolution™ cable managers look – and of course were equally impressed with the new features and capabilities.
BD, Senior Product Manager, Electronic Products Supplier, January 17, 2008

Thank you very much for the ongoing excellent service. Everyone here is well aware of the quality work your team has done for us. I'm sure we'll be doing several more together soon.
AW, Program Manager, Electronic Products Supplier, August 22, 2007

I would like to pass on to you all there at Concurrent Design our thanks and our congratulations on a job that has been performed extremely well! All of the designs have met rave reviews. Because of your solid designs, we are faced with deciding the best of the best. You have made our task of choosing a design significantly easier. Well Done!
SP, Mechanical Engineering Manager, Medical Products Firm, August 9, 2007

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Concurrent Design for all of their hard work on this project to this point. The designs we have seen so far have proven that we hired the right people. We were very impressed with the ID presented to us last week! Keep up the good work.
SP, Mechanical Engineering Manager, Medical Products Firm, July 16, 2007

Concurrent Design has consistently been an excellent resource for anything from piece-part prototyping to large-scale, complex electromechanical systems design. I have used them and recommended them to others over the past 10 years on various high-technology projects. My experience has always been on-time delivery of high quality designs by very experienced professionals.
KP, Sr. Equipment Engineer, Clean Energy Firm. January 11, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that I did a test assembly on all the parts I have in hand after I received the laser platform today. I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve not found a single mistake on any of the parts, and everything fit together perfectly. The parts look great and I want to compliment you and your team (staff and vendors) on a job well done. It’s a great pleasure doing business with such a diligent, detail-oriented, and professional group of individuals!
JP, Opto-Mechanical Engineer, BioSciences Firm, September 08, 2006

It was a pleasure working with Concurrent. I foresee future projects that I will be coming to you for your services.
WB, Director of Engineering, Commercial Products Supplier, June 22, 2006

We really appreciate the technical competence, follow-through, and over-all professionalism that you and your people demonstrated while working on several projects for us during 2005. Our priorities and project schedules shift frequently, so we especially value your flexibility, responsiveness, and "can do" attitude. We look forward to working with you many more times in the future.

Again, it is a pleasure to work with you and your people. Thank you,
BM, Engineering Project Manager, Electronic Products Supplier, March 8, 2006

I thought you'd appreciate the attached photographs of the Tyco ATCA-16S "Air Test Model" that your team designed, fabricated and assembled for us.

Although this unit is intended primarily for Tyco airflow, velocity and noise evaluation testing, it will none-the-less be viewed by our first customer as tangible proof of our design concept. When that customer review does happen later this month; our biggest challenge may well be convincing them that it's only a semi-functional-model and not an orderable-functional-prototype! That would be a great problem to have and would be attributable to the outstanding quality of what you've provided.

From a bigger-picture perspective, I would also like to extend my appreciation to you and the Concurrent Team for being such a multi-skilled, dependable and strategic partner to Tyco … At this point in our relationship, I can honestly say that Concurrent has gone from being a supplier that delivers "customer satisfaction" ... to being a strategic partner that produces "customer delight"!

Many thanks to you and your team! I look forward to continued expansion of our relationship and business in the future.
RL, Director of Design Engineering, Tyco Printed Circuit Group, January 11, 2006

This worked out really well. I would like to do this kind of thing more often …Thanks for your outstanding support as always…
JY. Sr. Product Development Engineer, Thermal/Mechanical Engineering, Semiconductor IDM, August 19, 2005

Concurrent Design …has an impressive track record of designing and fabricating first-of-a-kind manufacturing equipment. They have good experience in the development of manufacturing equipment for optical components, electrical components and semiconductors. They have worked with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. The local availability of such manufacturing support should be an important factor for the types of companies we are trying to attract… while helping Austin grow.
Dr. RH, Director, Center for Electromechanics, The University of Texas at Austin. July 18, 2005

Mike has been very easy to work with and has represented Concurrent Design well. If CPI chooses to continue working with Concurrent Design, I will look forward to working with Mike.
BD, Product Manager, Electronic Products Supplier, March 16, 2005

Thank you for your continued support. Concurrent certainly has established a reputation for high quality, timely delivery, and flexibility within (our firm). We greatly appreciate your continued support.
BK, Materials Manager, Test Equipment Supplier, February 02, 2005

Thanks for your message and the work; your guys have done a superb job.
CS, Program Manager, Test Equipment Supplier, August 31, 2004

I really appreciate the effort put forth by everyone at Concurrent Design and just wanted to say "Thank You".
TD, Project Design Engineer, Test Equipment Supplier, August 26, 2004

People who are making parts from (your) drawings say they look real good. [When] I asked what they would like different, they said nothing.
KK, Senior Maintenance Technician, Semiconductor IDM, August 15, 2004

We have been happy with your work and will keep you in mind for new projects.
JF, VP Operations, Test Equipment Supplier, July 28, 2004

Your approach to the bid process was exceptionally professional. We will be sure to keep you in mind as other potential opportunities arise.
RB, Project Manager, Flat Panel Product Supplier, July 27, 2004

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Concurrent Design for providing professional and high quality work to my group in the last 3 years.
FC, Engineering Manager, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, May 03, 2004

First off, this is the best looking, finest piece of development equipment I have ever seen. This is said with authority, as I have worked on about 90+ such systems, and without reservations this is the best looking system ever.
SB, President, Safety Consultant, January 21, 2004

Everything is working very well. Your folks are doing a great job; we are even picking off a few designs that aren't a part of the original project.
WO, Engineering Manager, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, December 15, 2003

It was a pleasure to work with Concurrent Design on the hand-held controller console. Although this was a small project, it was very important to us and our customer. You provided the same level of engineering support that I have seen you deliver on much more complex devices.

We were also delighted to find that the first article assembled perfectly. It was as if we were building the five thousandth unit instead of the first.

Probably most important, our customer was very pleased with the product we delivered. I have heard from other suppliers that they have spoken highly of your work and that they exhibited it without reservation as part of the systems that they manufacture.

Thank you for a competent and professional execution of our requirement.
BR, Ph.D., Senior Regulatory Engineer, EMI Consultant, May 6, 2003

Our business paradigm was to only staff those functions that provided a market differentiation. i.e., optics, holography and image processing. Following that business model, we contracted out our mechanical design to Concurrent Design. Since we were a startup company, it was crucial to our success that Concurrent Design would function as if they were actually part of our company. They did a terrific job at that - there was great teamwork between the two companies. The communications were excellent, and they did an outstanding job of supporting us. Because we worked 24/7, many times they had to come in at odd hours to do work and that never presented a problem - whenever we needed their help, they were there. They were very cost conscious, often coming up with ideas of how to reduce our costs. They took their schedule commitments very carefully, and met those commitments.

The results of the project were excellent - they did a great job! Concurrent Design has a fine reputation, so I expected a lot from them when I brought them in to do the mechanical design. However, they even exceeded my high expectations. I would use them again, and highly recommend them.
BD, Program Director, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, February 11, 2003

I went to Concurrent Design because I was having difficulty "getting outside the box" in my thinking regarding the design of a new console. They were helpful in illustrating and modeling various design alternatives. Not only was their design guidance helpful, they offered valuable advice on the materials and manufacturing considerations for the new design. In other words, their design expertise was grounded in "real world" manufacturing expertise, and they brought that added value to the table in reviewing design alternatives.

In the end, I am very satisfied with their design support for the project. In fact, as my business grows, and I launch other new products, I would not hesitate to utilize their services again.
DR, President, Industrial Equipment Supplier, February 10, 2003

Concurrent was very good at staying in touch via phone and email throughout the project.
SJ, President, Commercial Product Supplier, February 11, 2003

Telle is doing well. He has freed me to do other things, which was our primary reason for bringing him in. Most importantly he knows Pro/E 2001 well enough that I don't have to teach him anything therefore allowing him to work without diluting my time. I am very satisfied with him and his work.
SS, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, May 20, 2002

All in all, the assembly process went flawlessly. This is due in large part to the hard work and attention to detail of the team at Concurrent Design. They had all the hardware required queued up and ready to install as soon as we pulled the trigger.
JP, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, April 13, 2002

It would be an honor to give him a review of his performance. Telle has been instrumental in the work I am doing which involves the use of CAD models in our printed material. Telle works with tremendous attention to detail and pride in his work, which is refreshing.

I really appreciate working with him and hope I have the pleasure of working with him in the future.
TQ, Technical Publications Dept., Medical Products Supplier, March 26, 2002.

We tried the tool and it worked great. Thanks for all your help on this project
GM, Tool Engineer, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, February 14, 2002

While we still have a ways to go with this packaging, it is yet another example of the outstanding work you and your team have done for us - it is greatly appreciated!!
BD, Program Director, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, February 13, 2002

Thanks again for all the hard work, the Head Units look great.
FB, Engineering Manager, Commercial Product Supplier, December 4, 2001

Hope you guys are busy as ever. (Our customer) said you were doing good work for him.
PG, Software VAR, November 27, 2001

Thank you for the model and your extraordinary efforts in getting this done in a timely fashion.
MJ, Mechanical Engineer, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, June 11, 2001

I just wanted to let you know that I am continually impressed by your attention to detail, thoroughness, quality of work, and professionalism. It is a pleasure working with you.
JP, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, June 7, 2001

Concurrent in my opinion is the shining star of all our vendors by a long shot.
LS, Technical Specialist, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, May 31, 2001

I did receive the drawings. They look real good.
DG, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, July 14, 2000

Got my FEDEX copy of the hardware requirements document (Mechanical Specification) yesterday.

What a nice beginning!! The hard document itself with all the figures intact (as opposed to the electronic copy I worked from) is extremely impressive.

We have a lot of work still in front of us, but you have done a really excellent job in my opinion of laying out the road to be followed. My congratulations to the ...Concurrent design team. NICE JOB!!!
Dr. CET, Chief Technical Officer, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, June 13, 2000.

Pete is doing an excellent job with the limited information and direction to work from. It is greatly appreciated!
TR, Engineering Project Manager, Telecommunications Equipment Supplier, May 8, 2000

They did an outstanding job and we got a lot for our money. I highly recommend them for future engineering work.
MR, Project Engineer, Telecommunications Equipment Supplier, February 3, 2000

Just wanted to let you know that the updated drawings you have returned to us thus far have been exceptional.

There have been very few if any errors. Also, it has not gone unnoticed, your group efforts to go beyond our redlined markups to make all drawings consistent.

It is apparent that someone there, if not all, is very familiar with drafting standards and has gone as far as showing Sectional Views, Views, Details, etc in Alpha order, as well as questioning anything that is not part of the norm.

Anyway, your people are doing a great job.
GC, Documentation Control, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, October 28, 1999

(Our) Semiconductor Equipment Operations contracted with Concurrent Design and Drafting to perform engineering design work on Ion Implanter upgrades and on new designs. Specifically, Concurrent redesigned beam line optical components; created component assembly fixtures and alignment jigs; created vacuum components/housings capable of operating in the 5 x 10E-7 torr range; and wrote assembly and test procedures covering these designs.

Concurrent personnel worked with (our) engineers and physicists to learn the design requirements for these projects then pursued the tasks through conceptual, design, and Alpha review which analyzed material selection, costs, serviceability, design for manufacture, and design for assembly. In all of these reviews, Concurrent made thorough, professional presentations that were very well accepted. Concurrent worked with (our) personnel to understand and meet (our) documentation requirements for all project drawings. The quality of this documentation exceeded that of other contractors and the prototype equipment built from this documentation was assembled without problems. Concurrent stayed with the project through component manufacture and prototype construction, and acted as a liaison with (our) suppliers on critical components.

In summary, Concurrent personnel interfaced with (our) personnel in a friendly, professional manner and met very demanding project schedule and cost goals. It is a pleasure to work with such a talented, insightful, and professional organization. I recommend their work highly, and I would not hesitate to contract their services again in the future.
DS, Principal Engineer, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, October 30, 1998.

For some time, we have wanted to express our appreciation for your assistance with our Person-Guided Vehicle (PGV) program.

During the eighteen months our program has been active, your help enabled us to reach a number of major milestones:
Completion of proof-of-concept models and full prototypes in time for demonstration and display at several major trade shows;
Full implementation of major design iterations in time for critical on-site customer demonstrations, and Assistance in numerous tasks including documentation assistance for four important patent disclosures.

As our program has evolved, we have been very impressed with:
Your flexibility in responding rapidly to conditions that changed on an almost daily basis.
Your ability to handle difficult design tasks.
Your ability to handle all aspects of prototype development including parts management and construction, and
Your knowledge of and relationship with the Greater Austin parts manufacturing community.

This program has been characterized by frequent and difficult deadlines. We would not have been able to meet these goals without your help.
PB, Vice President, Technical Marketing, Semiconductor Equipment Supplier, October 27, 1998

When (we) needed outside additional engineering support, Concurrent Design and Drafting filled all our needs. Concurrent quickly learned (our) product lines and then engineered modifications to these lines under the pressures of contractual deliveries. Concurrent managed the project through all of its phases: Design Management, Design, Detailing, Checking, Bill of Material Preparation, Revision Control, and User Manual Preparation.

Additionally, Concurrent helped (our) projects go smoothly because of their willingness to work within our numbering systems and their competence in working out all the little details that must be addressed when transferring drawings and information packages over networks.

Working with a group as professional as Concurrent was a profitable experience for (us) and I would recommend their services without reservation.
WW, Engineering Manager, Industrial Equipment Supplier, December 14, 1996

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation to you and the rest of the staff at Concurrent Design. It has been a great pleasure to work with all of you during the last several months. Bill Adair and Jim Smith have done an excellent job. Their performance and dedication to quality are particularly commendable considering the very difficult working environment we have had here… I would like to have the opportunity to recommend your service to other firms, so please don’t hesitate to refer prospective customers to me.
CZ, P.E., Research Manager, Commercial Products . July 21, 1995