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Solar Energy Product Design / Solar Engineering

Concurrent Design provides solar energy engineering, design, and build services. Our solar energy product development expertise spans semiconductor process tools through solar product manufacturing and solar systems integration. Our solar energy process tools include experience with front end tools, deposition tools and back end packaging equipment. We have provided solar energy custom equipment design, solar energy product design and development, and solar energy manufacturing engineering services related to crystalline silicon, thin films (CIGS and amorphous silicon) and triple-junction solar cells.

Areas of expertise in solar product design include:
• Custom machine design services for solar energy capital equipment
    ◦ Vacuum process tools
    ◦ Photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturing
    ◦ Photovoltaic module manufacturing
    ◦ Photovoltaic system manufacturing
    ◦ Test equipment for solar energy photovoltaic cells
    ◦ Current density and voltage measurement
    ◦ Quantum efficiency measurement
    ◦ Photovoltaic flash tester systems
    ◦ Light soaker tools for manufacturing test equipment
    ◦ Materials handling solutions
    ◦ Electro-mechanical packaging
• Solar engineering services for industrial products with solar design
    ◦ Solar energy product design - utility scale
    ◦ Solar energy product design - commercial / residential scale
    ◦ Solar design integration into commercial or industrial products
    ◦ Solar design for productization of PV cells into solar energy products
    ◦ Solar energy mounting or racking systems design
    ◦ Solar powered / solar run products
• Engineering analysis of products for solar design
    ◦ Structural analysis
    ◦ Thermal analysis
    ◦ Wind engineering
    ◦ Shock and vibration
    ◦ FEM / FEA / CFD
• Manufacturing engineering solutions related to solar energy products
    ◦ Plant layout and optimization
    ◦ Commercial equipment identification and qualification
    ◦ Materials work process flow
• Prototype manufacturing of solar energy products or solar energy systems including:
    ◦ Solar cells
    ◦ Solar panels
    ◦ Solar modules
    ◦ Solar systems
    ◦ Solar products with electro-mechanical packaging and solar design integration

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Solar Energy

SEEN #17: Solar Energy, Solar Wings, and The Future of Transportation


Concurrent Design provides solar energy engineering and solar design and manufacturing services for solar energy product development including the "clean sheet" design of this GEN 2 concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar array system with solar panel modules and base structure design with associated engineering analysis.
Client: Emcore Corporation


Solar energy engineering - custom machine design services for current density and voltage test and measurement tool under one sun insolation for photovoltaic cell testing.
Client: HelioVolt Corporation

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Concurrent Design applies our core skills in electro-mechanical engineering services to solar energy product design including engineering analysis, solar engineering design, and manufacturing areas to promote the growth of clean energy / solar energy products. With projects from structural analysis, solar energy product design, solar energy test equipment with related custom machine design, and solar engineering for manufacturing equipment, Concurrent Design is applying both its expertise and its philosophy in this important growth area.

Concurrent Design's office is located in Austin, Texas. We support clients in Austin and Central Texas along with regional, national and international clients. On a daily basis, we work with clients from Boston to San Jose and from Dallas to Houston.

We provide CAD modeling services utilizing SolidWorks™ and Pro/ENGINEER™. (SolidWorks is a registered trademark of SolidWorks Corp., a Dassault Systèmes Company) (Pro/E, Pro/ENGINEER, Wildfire, Creo are registered trademarks of PTC, Parametric Technology Corp.).

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