Solar Powered Products

Solar Powered Products

Concurrent Design provides solar energy engineering, design, and build services as an integration into existing products, or as an element of clean-sheet, fully integrated, solar powered product design. There is a nearly unlimited range of product areas where the integration of ambient and sustainable solar power becomes a critical feature or an important differentiator. Concurrent Design’s product development expertise may be applied in all manner of solar energy product development projects. Whether adding solar power to your existing product or creating a new product, from early stage research and development (R&D), engineering proof of concept (POC), alpha and beta prototypes, or preproduction designs through high volume manufacturing ramp up, Concurrent Design provides value at each step along the path.

Areas of expertise in solar powered product design include:
  • Solar engineering services for commercial and industrial product development
    • Solar power integration (overlay) on existing products
    • New product development using solar energy as a power source
    • Industrial or commercial solar powered product design
    • Solar energy product design for industrial, commercial or residential applications
    • Solar energy product electro-mechanical packaging design
    • Analysis of solar energy harvest availability
    • Cost benefit analysis of solar power integration
    • Storage design integration into commercial or industrial products
  • Engineering analysis for solar powered products
    • Analysis of solar energy harvest availability
    • Cost benefit analysis of solar power integration
    • Cost analysis
    • Tolerance analysis
    • Structural analysis
    • Thermal analysis
    • Wind engineering
    • Lightning engineering
    • Shock and vibration
    • EMI / RFI
    • FEM / FEA / CFD
  • Custom engineering design services
    • Industrial design (ID)
    • Mechanical engineering design
    • Electrical engineering design
    • Electro-mechanical packaging design
    • Manufacturing process selection
    • Vendor sourcing and qualifying
    • Prototype product manufacturing
    • Prototype product testing
    • Regulatory engineering and compliance testing
    • Reliability engineering and testing
    • Manufacturing solutions
  • DFX
    • Design for cost
    • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
    • Design for assembly (DFA)
    • Design for test (DFT)
  • Prototype manufacturing for solar powered products
    • Industrial or commercial solar powered product design
    • Solar products with electro-mechanical packaging
    • Structural elements
    • Packaging elements
    • Storage elements



Solar Powered Product Design
Custom Racking Design for Harsh Environment - Shock and Vibration Isolation
Client: Georgetown Rail Equipment Company

Solar Powered Product Design
Speed Trailer
Client: Energy Xtreme

Concurrent Design has decades of product design and development expertise. It routinely applies its core skills in electro-mechanical engineering design to solar powered product design including engineering analysis, solar engineering design, and manufacturing areas to promote the growth of clean energy / solar energy products. With projects in diverse solar product design, Concurrent Design is applying both its expertise and its philosophy in this important growth area.