Solar Energy Test Equipment

Solar Energy Test Equipment

Concurrent Design provides solar energy engineering, design, and build services. This includes the development of solar products, custom equipment for the efficient manufacturing of those products, and the test equipment related to those products. This solar energy test equipment may be laboratory scale, pilot scale or high volume production scale. This test equipment may be used for research and development, product characterization or quality assurance. Typically this is custom equipment built to address a specific test protocol. There may be three primary application areas for this test equipment; clean sheet design of custom solar energy test equipment, to be reproduced in volume and sold as a product by our client; clean sheet design of custom solar energy test equipment, to be used internally in a client’s manufacturing operations; or refinement / redesign of existing commercial test equipment to address specialized applications or to provide a tactical advantage to our client.

Areas of expertise in solar energy test equipment design include:
  • Solar energy test equipment development and applications
    • Research and development (R&D)
    • Laboratory scale, pilot scale, production scale
    • High volume manufacturing (HVM) equipment
    • Industrial product development
    • Product characterization
    • Quality assurance
    • Flash test I-V measurement
    • Light soaking I-V measurement
    • Ambient light soaking (AM1.5)
    • Ultraviolet light (UV Exposure)
    • Accelerated life testing
    • Prototype solar test equipment manufacturing for product development
    • Custom solar test equipment manufacturing for in-house applications
    • All PV technologies (crystalline silicon, thin film, III-V, emerging)
  • Custom engineering design and build services
    • Optical engineering and light science
    • Industrial design (ID)
    • Mechanical engineering design
    • Structural engineering design
    • Electrical engineering design
    • Electro-mechanical packaging design
    • Manufacturing process selection
    • Vendor sourcing and qualifying
    • Prototype product manufacturing
    • Prototype product testing
  • DFX
    • Design for cost
    • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
    • Design for assembly (DFA)

Solar Energy Test Equipment
Laboratory Scale IV & QE Measurement for Solar Cells
Client: HelioVolt

Solar Energy Test Equipment
Solar Simulator / Light Soaking Chamber for PV Modules
Client: Atonometrics

Concurrent Design applies its core skills in electro-mechanical engineering, design, documentation and fabrication services to solar energy test equipment development. With projects in diverse solar energy application areas, Concurrent Design is applying both its expertise and its philosophy in this important growth area. It has provided solar energy custom equipment design and development and solar energy manufacturing engineering services related to crystalline silicon, thin films (CIGS and amorphous silicon) and triple-junction (III-V) solar technologies.