Solar Energy Power Systems

Solar Energy Power Systems

Concurrent Design provides solar energy engineering, design, and build services. Its solar energy product development expertise may be applied in numerous ways to generate high power solar systems. This may include direct applications such as product development of single product, high power, solar systems; large two-axis tracking systems; CPV systems; or novel applications for new solar markets including floating photovoltaics (Floatovoltaics®). This may also include indirect applications such as leveraging smaller and simpler solar products through high volume manufacturing (HVM). Concurrent Design has provided solar energy product design and development and solar energy manufacturing engineering services related to crystalline silicon, thin films (CIGS and amorphous silicon) and triple-junction solar (III-V) cells. By virtue of its depth and breadth of experience in many solar applications, Concurrent Design brings a unique advantage to the development of your solar power system.

Areas of expertise in solar energy power systems design include:
  • Solar engineering services for industrial products with solar applications
    • Solar energy product design - utility scale
    • Solar energy product design - commercial / residential scale
    • Solar design for productization of PV cells / PV modules into advanced solar energy products
    • Solar energy mounting or racking systems design
    • Solar powered / solar run products
    • Solar design integration into existing commercial or industrial products
  • Engineering analysis of products for solar design
    • Cost analysis
    • Tolerance analysis
    • Structural analysis
    • Thermal analysis
    • Wind engineering
    • Lightning engineering
    • Shock and vibration
    • FEM / FEA / CFD
  • Custom solar engineering design services
    • Industrial design (ID)
    • Mechanical engineering design
    • Electrical engineering design
    • Electro-mechanical packaging design
    • Manufacturing process selection
    • Vendor sourcing and qualifying
    • Prototype product manufacturing
    • Prototype product testing
    • Photovoltaic module manufacturing
    • Photovoltaic system manufacturing
    • Structural elements manufacturing
    • Materials handling solutions for deployment / installation
  • DFX
    • Design to cost
    • Design for environmental exposure (sun, wind and weather)
    • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
    • Design for assembly (DFA)
    • Design for packaging in shipping containers
    • Design for installation / deployment
  • Prototype manufacturing of solar energy power systems
    • Solar panels / solar modules
    • Solar systems
    • Solar products with electro-mechanical packaging and solar design integration
    • Structural elements
    • Packaging elements
    • Racking elements
    • Storage elements

Solar Energy Power Systems Product Development
25kW High-Concentration Photovoltaic (HCPV) System
Client: EMCORE Corporation / Suncore


Solar Product Development
Floatovoltaics® Solar Array on Water
Client: SPG Solar


Solar Product Development
SPG Floating Solar Power Systems in
North American Clean Energy magazine page 1


Solar Product Development
SPG Floating Solar Power Systems in
North American Clean Energy magazine page 12

Concurrent Design applies its core skills in electro-mechanical engineering, design, documentation and fabrication services to solar energy product design including engineering analysis, solar engineering design, and manufacturing areas to promote the growth of clean energy / solar energy products. With projects in diverse solar energy power systems, Concurrent Design is applying both its expertise and its philosophy in this important growth area. Please note: Concurrent Design is not an engineering, procurement, and construction firm. We do not provide field installation.