Precision Mechanical Design

Precision Mechanical Design
Wafer Lift Pin Assembly
Client: nLine

Semiconductor Capital Equipment

Concurrent Design provides complete semiconductor capital equipment engineering, design / development, and prototype fabrication services for your process, including; vacuum or atmospheric applications; process tools, modules, and sub-assemblies; and end effectors, chuck design and materials handling equipment. Whether a “clean sheet” design or scaling (up or down) from one wafer size to another, Concurrent Design has decades of experience in equipment development for revenue products or internal research and development (R&D) tools.

Areas of expertise in semi equipment and tool design include:
  • Wet clean / wet-dry processes
  • Lithography / imprint lithography
  • Ion implant processes (semiconductor and solar wafers)
  • Thermal process equipment
  • Physical vapor deposition (PVD) process equipment
  • Chemical vapor deposition (CVD, MOCVD, CuMOCVD) process equipment
  • Etch process equipment / plasma etch equipment
  • Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP)
  • Wafer test / device test / wafer level - known good die (WL / KGD)
  • Metrology / defect detection / high aspect ratio structures inspection (HARI)
  • Die preparation / die cutting / device packaging design / test and burn-in
  • Atmospheric and vacuum chamber design for semi tools
  • Chuck design / tooling / fixturing / end of arm tooling (EOAT) / end effectors
  • Particle detection / clean design / airflow management
  • Mini environments / micro environments
  • Fan filter units (FFU) / HEPA-ULPA integration
  • Materials handling / SMIF pod / FOUP
  • Factory integration / front end modules (FI, EFEM, FEM)
  • Factory automation (PGV and AGV)
  • Prototype fabrication / rapid prototyping
  • Equipment design to SEMI standards
  • SEMI S2 safety design / S2 assessment
  • SEMI S8 ergonomics

Our experience includes complete semiconductor capital equipment design and development from green-field development through upgrades of existing semi tools, SEMI S2, S8 design, subsystem design for semi tools, design for manufacturability (DFM), design for assembly (DFA) upgrades, prototype semiconductor capital equipment manufacture, assembly tools of all types, and installation and facilitization assistance, including placement of several client tools at International SEMATECH.

It is common for Concurrent Design to partner with semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers and represent their mechanical and electrical engineering departments during large development projects so the client may focus on their core semi tool technology development.

Semiconductor Metrology Tool

Semiconductor Metrology Tool
Front End and Subsystem Development
Client: Metrosol, Inc.


Pilot-Scale Process Equipment

Pilot-Scale Process Equipment
Solid State Lighting
Client: Illumitex