Commercial Product Development

Commercial Product Development
CAMKA+ Handheld Remote Diagnostics Tool
Client: CAMKA

Commercial Product Design and Development

Concurrent Design provides new product design and development services. From writing the product specification, development activities in our lab, industrial design images (to determine the product look and feel), conceptual design, engineering design and documentation, and prototype product fabrication, through product launch into volume manufacturing, Concurrent Design has all the skills in one source to initiate and complete your new product design and development.

Areas of expertise in new product design include:
  • Business plan development support
  • Professional engineering project plan
  • Specification writing
  • Conceptual development
  • Industrial design (ID)
  • Research for processes and components
  • Manufacturing process selection
  • Vendor research and qualification
  • Materials selection
  • Plastic and injection molded part design
  • Engineering analysis
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Manufacturing documentation
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Design for assembly (DFA)
  • Value engineering
  • Parts procurement
  • Vendor liaison
  • Prototype fabrication / assembly / test / debug
  • Volume production scale-up integration
Industries of note:
  • Commercial products
  • Industrial products
  • Consumer products
  • Electronic products
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical pquipment
  • Clean energy / clean technology
  • Solar energy
Representative customer listing:
  • Dell
  • Motorola
  • Samsung Electronics
Commercial Product Design

Commercial Product Design
AgileVIEW Operator Console
Client: Image Vision
AgileVIEW Operator Console AgileVIEW Operator Console


Commercial Product Design

Commercial Product Design
Vision Hawk Digital Video System
Client: International Police Technologies

Concurrent Design provides value in each step of your new product design and development project. We can work with you and your intellectual property, taking your ideas from conceptual design through prototyping and into volume production. We work with Fortune 50 clients with vast engineering and manufacturing resources as well as small established firms, startups and sole proprietors. Smaller clients often need manufacturing assistance in addition to engineering services for their new product design. Concurrent Design has a network of contract manufacturers that may represent the ideal solution.