Nanoscale Lithography

Nanoscale Lithography
100nm Trace on 150nm Pitch
Client: Molecular Imprints

Nanotechnology Tools

Concurrent Design provides complete nanotechnology capital equipment engineering, design / development, and prototype fabrication services. Our experience in semiconductor capital equipment design has naturally migrated into tools for nanotechnology and we approach nanotechnology through the semiconductor industry definition of sub-100 nanometer critical dimensions. Applying our broad skills in commercial / industrial product development and manufacturing tools and systems, we bring explicit experience into the nanotech space. This may include; nanoscale features, nanofibers, MEMS and NEMS applications, and vacuum or atmospheric applications; process tools, modules, and chambers or sub-assemblies, and materials handling equipment; research and development (R&D tools), product development, manufacturing tools, or test equipment.

Areas of expertise in nanotechnology tool design include:
  • Micron-scale / sub-micron scale / nano-scale / sub-angstrom applications
  • Micron-scale / sub-micron scale / nano-scale materials handling
  • Opto-electro-mechanical systems Integration
  • Atmospheric and vacuum processes
  • Wet or dry processes
  • Nano-imprint lithography
  • Nanofiber process equipment
  • Process equipment development
  • Thermal process equipment
  • Micro-machining
  • Commercial / industrial product applications
  • Manufacturing processes including tool or system development
  • Test equipment / metrology / defect detection
  • Manipulator design / tooling / fixturing / end effectors
  • Particle detection / clean design / airflow management
  • Mini environments / micro environments
  • Fan filter units (FFU) / HEPA-ULPA integration
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM), design for assembly (DFA)
  • Prototype fabrication / rapid prototyping
  • Equipment design to SEMI / NFPA / OSHA plus other industry standards

Concurrent Design has decades of experience in equipment development for revenue products or internal research and development (R&D) tools. Our experience includes sub-micron and nano tool machine design, early stage tool development, and nanotechnology equipment design and prototyping, along with the requisite high level of engineering analysis. We provide a complete skill set for partnering with many clients who are focused on core technologies and intellectual property for nanotechnology tools or nano-scale product development. It is common for Concurrent Design to partner with capital equipment manufacturers and represent their mechanical and electrical engineering departments during large development projects so the client may focus on their core technology development.

Nanotechnology Product Development

Nanotechnology Product Development
Nanofiber Spinning Tool - Fiberlab™ L1000
Client: FiberRio Technology Corporation


Nanotechnology Equipment Design

Nanotechnology Equipment Design
Jet and Flash Imprint Lithography Tool (J-FIL™)
Client: Molecular Imprints