Introduction to Concurrent Design

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About Us

Concurrent Design, Inc. was established in May, 1994 with a focus on offering high-end Mechanical Engineering Design and Build Services. With a technical staff of 35 engineering professionals, we provide services locally, nationally, and internationally. We have successfully completed 1780+ industrial and commercial projects. Our facility is located in Austin, Texas, and houses office space, a lab area, and a shop area. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to venture capital funded start-up enterprises.

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Our Services

Concurrent Design provides new product design and development services for commercial and industrial products, as well as the custom machine design of manufacturing tools or manufacturing automation to create those products. We specialize in electro-mechanical products, especially in the semiconductor, medical and clean energy / solar sectors. With a core skill set in mechanical and electrical engineering, Concurrent Design offers a complete technical solution set. We work with clients providing them engineering services in conceptual design, engineering analysis, detailed engineering design and documentation, through prototype development and volume-manufacturing scale-up.

Core Competencies

Along with our common core skill set (which can be viewed here), there are a few areas where Concurrent Design excels, such as:

  • Product design and development of commercial and industrial products
  • Manufacturing tool and system design
  • Test equipment development
  • Project management
  • Engineering analysis (FEM/FEA, CFD, DFX, DFM, DFA, etc.)
  • Mechanical, electrical, and software engineering
  • Mechanical and electrical design and documentation
  • Supply chain resource evaluation and qualification
  • Procurement and vendor liaison
  • Prototype build, test, and debug

Benefits of Working with Us

There are several benefits to be realized by working Concurrent Design including Time Compression (shorten time to market), Cost Reduction, and Productivity and Creativity Enhancements.

Time Compression

  • Expedited ramp time with a fully resourced engineering team to allow rapid startup
  • Our engineering team operates concurrently with your team
  • Flexible parallel staffing allows multiple resources to expedite tasks

Cost Reduction

  • Resource flexibility - buy only the services that you need when you need them
  • Budget flexibility - no long term commitments
  • Save the overhead costs associated with employment & infrastructure

Productivity and Creativity Enhancements

  • Centuries of work experience
  • 1780+ projects completed
  • Creativity enhanced with our extensive depth, breadth, and diversity of completed projects
  • Fresh perspective to long-established product lines
  • Cross-pollination between industries brings new ideas, new materials, new processes, and innovation
  • Offsite “skunkworks” development culture provides everything necessary for rapid innovation, creation, development, verification and certification for products, processes and manufacturing solutions

How to Work with Us

We work at making it easy to work with us. We will quickly execute confidentiality agreements (if required) to protect our client’s technical information. We will then work with our client to develop a statement of work or a request for proposal if there is not one available. From a statement of work, requirements documents, or a product specification, we will develop a formal proposal and an engineering project plan (WBS) and formally deliver both documents to our client.

If the client’s project is in the planning stage and only requires a ROM estimate for budgeting purposes, we will quickly prepare a ROM proposal less the engineering project plan.

We normally work on a time and materials basis as opposed to a firm-fixed price basis as this offers the cost benefit of only paying for actual labor and materials used for the project. We can work on a firm-fixed price basis if required.

After our client accepts the formal proposal and is ready to submit an order for services, we will then process the client through our credit authorization review process which includes a Dun & Bradstreet credit report. The outcome of the credit authorization review will determine payment/credit terms and whether we will accept a purchase order with credit terms, or require a cash retainer. Clients overseas are required to pay by retainer and are not allowed credit terms.

On a time and materials project we submit bi-weekly invoices for all labor and materials. Materials are invoiced at cost plus a materials processing fee per the formal proposal, and all vendor invoices are supplied with the bi-weekly invoice.

A Technical Project Manager and a Business Account Manager are assigned to a project and weekly or bi-weekly reporting is presented to the client as required.

Engineering Process

There are five phases to our engineering process. We can complete all five phases, or just the particular phases that a client requests. Most projects consist of phases 1 thru 3.

Concept Development

  • Statement of Work
  • Specifications
  • Project Planning
    • Schedules
    • Critical Path
    • Budgets
    • WBS
  • Product Visualization
    • Industrial Design
    • Concept Design
  • Ergonomics
  • Preliminary Design Review

Design & Documentation

  • Engineering Analysis
  • Engineering Design
  • COTS Selection
  • Manufacturing Process Selection
  • Vendor Inputs
  • DFM, DFA, DFT, DFI, DFS, etc.
  • Documentation
  • Critical Design Review

Procurement, Build, & Test

  • BoM Management
  • Vendor Source & Qualification
  • Procurement
  • Vendor Liaison
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • Verification & Testing
  • Design Refinements
  • Documentation Updates
  • DVT, EVT
  • FAT, SAT

Regulatory Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Build Test Equipment (if required)
  • Reliability Lifecycle Testing

Scale-Up to Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Plan
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Documentation and Liaison for Manufacturing Scale-Up
  • Manufacturing Documentation
  • Sustaining Engineering Support

Intellectual Property

NDA / CDA / ESA / MSA / IP written agreements will be put into place as required. Services provided by Concurrent Design are “works made for hire” and the client’s confidential or proprietary IP will remain as their IP. Concurrent Design may develop or invent new IP but all rights are assigned to the client. IP review of new designs or concepts is ongoing.

Concurrent Design in not an IP agent and will work with the client’s IP attorney as required for invention disclosures, patent applications, claims, patent drawings, and supporting documentation.

Why Choose Concurrent Design

There are reasons to work with Concurrent Design beyond our technical expertise, such as:

  • We set clear expectations.
  • We maintain good communication with complete transparency.
  • We avoid surprises.
  • We provide honest budgets & work within budget.
  • We provide realistic schedules and deliver on schedule.
  • We have tremendous experience with over 1780+ projects since 1994.
  • We have “Impeccable Integrity” (Client quote).
  • We provide quick-turn capabilities.
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