Executive Team

Tom Ortman Thomas E. Ortman
Founder, President and CEO of Concurrent Design, Inc.

Mr. Ortman is founder, president and CEO of Concurrent Design, Inc. Since it was founded in May 1994, Mr. Ortman has led the growth of the firm to serve start-ups through Fortune 50 clients, booking well over 1700 projects locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Concurrent Design works in the continuum from idea generation, IP development, conceptual design, engineering design, and prototyping to manufacturing scale-up. Our target sectors are focused on electronics, semiconductor, nanotechnology, clean technologies and medical products. Leveraging his many years of experience in electronics, semiconductors and manufacturing, Concurrent Design, under Mr. Ortman's guidance, has developed a strong portfolio in all of these sectors.

Of particular interest is the idea of "Engineering for Humankind," and hence the interest in clean technologies (solar, wind, storage, solid state lighting, water, etc.) and medical technologies (medical and biomedical products, medical devices, and durable medical equipment).

Prior to founding Concurrent Design, Mr. Ortman worked at IBM in Manassas, VA (semiconductor fab facilities design), Dayton, NJ (automated manufacturing systems), East Fishkill, NY (automated test equipment), and Austin, TX (semiconductor R&D, manufacturing engineering, and product development). These were all contract engineering positions. Additional work experience includes Foster Wheeler Energy Corp, Bell Aerospace and CDI Corp.

Mr. Ortman is active within the community, serving on boards, advisory boards, and trade organization committees, including CleanTX, SEMI, and SEIA.

In addition, Mr. Ortman and the Concurrent Design team provide mentoring, advising, judging and other selected services to groups such as; Office of the Governor, Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF), Central Texas Regional Center of Innovation and Commercialization (RCIC) Scientific Advisory Committee; University of Texas / DOE Solar Decathlon; University of Texas Student Entrepreneur Accelerated Launch (SEAL), Katerva Winners Circle, US DOE CleanTech University Prize, Westlake Robotics Club and others. Mr. Ortman enjoys public speaking on these and related subjects.

Education: New Jersey Institute of Technology, BSME.

Jim Maunder Jim Maunder, P.E.
Vice President of Business Development

Jim has been on the Concurrent Design team since 2006. Prior to joining Concurrent Design, Mr. Maunder was a Concurrent Design client working for Tyco Electronics. Jim’s career has included positions at Texas Instruments, Motorola, Evermore Systems and St. Edward’s University (contract). Jim’s design and project management experience prior to joining Concurrent Design includes early GPS systems for military and research applications; fire and forget IR guided missiles; semiconductor backend process equipment focused on machine vision, metrology and material handling; worldwide semiconductor backend equipment selection and standardization; an ADSL set-top box to bring streaming media into the home; and AdvancedTCA enclosures. Jim was selected to be part of a team to teach a Project Management Certificate course at St. Edward’s University Professional Education Center and he has served with the local PMI chapter.

Jim actively serves the community through the church and the Austin Disaster Relief Network. For recreation, Jim enjoys anything outdoors or on the water including biking, hiking, skiing, diving, running, backpacking, camping, boating and travelling.

Education: Texas A&M University, BSME
  • University of Texas at Arlington, Masters Mechanical Engineering

Thomas Dalke Thomas Dalke
Vice President of Engineering

Thomas joined the Concurrent Design team in 2011. Prior to joining Concurrent Design, Mr. Dalke was a Concurrent Design vendor working at Quickturn and a Concurrent Design client working at Symtx / AAI / Textron Systems.

Thomas has been in manufacturing and engineering for over 30 years and has held various engineering design, materials management and engineering management positions at Mechanical Products, Serra Corporation, Tenere, Quickturn, Parkview, and Symtx / AAI / Textron Systems. Thomas' manufacturing and engineering experience prior to joining Concurrent Design includes tooling and manufacturing for the aerospace industry; high-volume manufacturing for the automotive and consumer products industries; medical manufacturing process equipment design; and automated test equipment design for the medical, defense and aerospace industries.

For recreation, Thomas enjoys competing in track and field (locally, nationwide and worldwide), hunting, fishing, snow skiing, weight lifting, traveling, reading, and software development.

Scott Smith Scott Smith
Engineering Manager

Over his years at Concurrent Design, Mr. Smith has grown the engineering team to comprise exceptionally qualified engineers from highly diverse backgrounds. As manager, he optimizes their skill sets to envision new problem-solving methods and provide solutions for all of Concurrent Design’s clients, from startups to Fortune 50 firms.

Prior to joining Concurrent Design, Mr. Smith worked at Aquatic Industries, a world leader in high-end spa systems. As the company’s senior project engineer, he led projects from start to finish: industrial design, mold design, overall system design, fabrication, molding processes, intellectual property, and quality assurance.

After Scott’s first successful career as executive chef for two renowned Northwest restaurants, he began training in engineering and design. He studied architecture for two years, winning honorable mention for a beach house design from Adair Homes Inc. At Western Washington University, he excelled at industrial design and took pleasure in designing, building, testing, and racing hybrid electric and formula cars. As member and later captain of the Vehicle Research Institute’s racing team, Mr. Smith helped the team take first place in the American Tour de Sol, a five-day road rally for alternative-fueled vehicles with corporate and university competitors from around the world.

Mr. Smith’s interests and experience include: Society of Automotive Engineers member(1998–present), Automotive engineering, SAE formula car design, Parallel and series hybrid design, One-off engine and transmission design and build, Composite chassis design build and test, Composites design, Industrial design, Passive home design, Northwest and Scandinavian cuisine and seafood species studies, and Custom boat design and build.

Education: Western Washington University, B.S. Engineering

Stephen Finos Stephen Finos
Sales Account Executive

Stephen is a sales account executive who has launched global entrepreneurship programs with UT’s IC² Institute, and guided various software and engineering service companies to advance in markets across the globe. With an appreciation for organizational and cultural differences, Stephen uses his sales, marketing, and business experience to align resources – people, technology, partners and budgets – around a common vision to inspire innovation and energize great accomplishments in innovation. Stephen‘s enthusiasm for sales in the semi, solar, clean tech, and medical industries, along with his background in commercialization, will provide Concurrent Design’s clients guidance with mechanical and electrical engineering services to help keep products on schedule, and bring new products to market on a timely basis. Stephen has a BA in Spanish and Portuguese languages from UT Austin, is an avid cook, bicyclist, and lifelong martial arts student.