Design for Manufacturing and Cost Reduction

Design for Manufacturing and Cost Reduction
AeroCam Wind Turbine
Client: Broadstar Wind Systems
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Clean Tech Products

Concurrent Design provides complete clean technology product engineering, design / development, and prototype fabrication services. Concurrent Design has decades of experience in engineering design development for products, manufacturing tools, or internal research and development (R&D) equipment. Our experience includes many cutting-edge technology development projects for clients in early stage product development. Many of these are venture capital funded. We provide a complete skill set for partnering with many clients who are focused on their core technologies and intellectual property development. It is common for Concurrent Design to partner with emerging technology companies or capital equipment manufacturers and represent their mechanical and electrical engineering departments during large development projects so the client may focus on their core technology.

Concurrent Design invests in the development of new clean energy products, cleantech solutions and a more sustainable world. We are solar powered. We are a founding partner in CleanTX, the leading organization for clean technology development in Texas. We are founders and sponsors of the Solar Energy Entrepreneur Network (SEEN), now part of CleanTX. We are active members in the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce Clean Energy Council.

Areas of expertise in clean energy product development include:
  • Clean technology product development
  • Clean technology process development
  • Clean technology manufacturing solutions (tools, equipment, automation, process development)
  • Application specific engineering solutions for clean technology integration
  • Engineering analysis (structural and thermal – FEM, FEA, CFD) for clean energy products
  • Sustainable design for product development
  • Solar energy engineering services for industrial product design
  • Capital equipment design / build for solar energy / photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturing
  • Test equipment design / build for solar energy photovoltaic cell test and measurement
  • Productization of PV cells, CPV modules and solar energy products
  • Wind engineering for clean energy products (certified wind engineer – PE)
  • Cleantech engineering services and prototype manufacturing for clean energy systems or products including:
    • Solar product development
    • Solar integrated (solar enabled) products
    • Solid state (LED) lighting products
    • Fuel cells
    • Battery technology / storage technology
    • Flywheel energy storage
    • Wind generation
    • Micro-hydro
    • Related electro-mechanical products
  • Commercial / industrial product applications
  • Manufacturing processes equipment development
  • Test equipment / metrology
  • Custom tooling and fixturing
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM), design for assembly (DFA)
  • Prototype fabrication / rapid prototyping
  • Equipment Design to IEC / ISO / SEMI / NFPA plus other industry standards

SEEN #17: Solar Energy, Solar Wings, and The Future of Transportation

Clean Technology Product Development

Clean Technology Product Development
Solid State Lighting
Client: Firefly LED Lighting


Clean Technology Product Development

Clean Technology Product Development
Subsea Noise Abatement System
Client: AdBm Technologies
AdBm Technologies Topside Deployment AdBm Technologies Topside Deployment
AdBm Technologies Underwater Deployment AdBm Technologies Underwater Deployment


Founding Partner

Concurrent Design applies its core skills in the engineering analysis, engineering design, and manufacturing areas to promote the growth of clean energy / clean technology products. This applies to clean technology product development as well as cleantech manufacturing process equipment. With projects from structural and thermal analysis, wind engineering, solar R&D, solar engineering, and opto-electro-mechanical packaging design to clean tech manufacturing equipment development, Concurrent Design is applying both its expertise and philosophy in this important growth area.